LeDoux Water Filter Dispenser Review

When it comes to drinking water, we must all ensure that we have a clean supply of water to drink everyday to keep healthy. Water that comes out of a tap can never be trusted for drinking, because it can be loaded with all kinds of impurities that can severely harm your body, especially if you haven’t been taking care of yourself too much.

When the immune system is down, you can get sick and if you drink water that is tainted with bad chemicals it will take a toll on your health severely. The only way that you can make sure that you and your family is safe from these harmful substances that can come from tap water, is through a clean filtration system.

Of course, there are many types of machines that you can buy on the market today ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive, and choosing the right one can become a very intimidating task. One machine that you should look into though, is the LeDoux Water Filter Dispenser. This dispenser is one of the most popular that you can find and it is also meant for everyone since it is very cheap.

Opting to buy bottles of water may cost more, and if you purchase this water dispenser, it will be guaranteed that in a span of a year, your health will increase and the money you have spent will be worth everything.

In this article, we will be discussing the details of this product thoroughly so that you can understand what it can offer you. Let’s take a look at the features shall we?


Here are the product features of this unit:

  • It has an 8-step water purification system – This water dispenser comes with 8 chambers where the water is usually filtered. After the water goes through all 8 filters, you will have crystal clear purified water as well as good tasting.
  • It is eco friendly – this unique water dispenser is BPA free renewable which means that you will get 100 % clean water, plus it helps make the planet healthy.
  • It will be best for either home or the office – this will be the perfect choice if you want to place the machine in your office or home, because it does not require any electricity or any replenishment fees.
  • Life span of the filter – since this dispenser has 8 different filters, the ceramic filter lasts for approximately 6 months with 1, 000 gallons of water. The 5 step mineral filter is for 6 months, and the mineral stones for 3-5 years.
  • Water filtration system – the filtration system makes use of a combination of ceramic, magnetic and mineral filtration. The dome filters present in the dispenser, filters all the bacteria and parasites while the other 5 layers of the mineral stones plus the layer of ceramic plates works by instilling your water with minerals while preserving the purity. With the ceramic filter, this reduces the turbidity of your drinking water, and for the last one which is the magnetic field, is responsible for turning your water into alkaline which boosts the immune system and decreases the acidity in the body.


  • The water that you will end up drinking will be totally purified and tastes better than normal tap water. It has no odors and will be perfectly clean and ready to consume.
  • The system in the dispenser cleans the water through the use of half a dozen filters to make sure that the water you drink is as clean as possible. It will also alkalize the water for you to keep you healthy.
  • It is completely eco friendly, because you do not need to plug it into any power source. The dispenser is gravity based which means that there is no need for power for it to give you good quality water.
  • The filters last a lifetime, depending on the type of filter, this dispenser will be able to withstand 500 to 1000 gallons of water before you need to replace it.


  • It leaks – one of the most common problem that customers complain about is that it leaks. It can leak around the faucet, due to improper installation.  There were some customers who complained that it leaks only if you do not fill it up to the brim, and also that there have been instances when the water leaked all over the kitchen floors and counter tops.
  • The parts can sometimes be hard to change, because the process of changing filters can sometimes take up more time than you think since these are inside the dispenser and hard to reach. It is very tricky, which is why some people have a hard time.


Even if there are a few bad reviews with this dispenser, the positive feed back weighs more than the negative. Since this model is not too pricey, people don’t make a big fuss over the negative things. If in any case that there are parts that need to be changed, the company will be able to send another unit as soon as possible.

The customer service is also very good, so you wont have a problem waiting for the replacement to reach your home after you have requested for a new one.  The bottom line is, this system is one of the best that you can pick off the market, and if you want something that can last for more than a few years, this LeDoux Water Filter Dispenser will definitely be worth the money spent.

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