How to Make Alkaline Water

When it comes to drinking water, the PH level present in the water that we drink can sometimes be an aspect of our health that we tend to over look. With so many items on our list with regards to workout routines and diets, the thought of improving our intake of water, most of the time gets left at the very bottom of the priority list, or worse does not get noticed at all.

Paying attention to the PH level in the water that we drink every day can help address the overall balance of our bodies. With the use of alkaline water, we can contribute to our health with ease by improving our metabolism, reducing the level of acidity in the body, preventing aging, and reducing the risk of other serious illnesses.

The PH level in the water that you drink everyday can have a huge impact on your health if you are not careful. Learning how to make alkaline on your own and at the comfort of your home is a very easy process, and the health benefits that come with it will be worth the extra hard work, especially if the effects are noticed right away.

Of course, you don’t have to put in the extra work of making alkaline water yourself, because there are also some machines that you can buy in any health store, but these can be expensive. If you don’t want to spend the extra cash, you can create your own by following these simple steps:

How to make Alkaline Water from Home

Before you start making your own alkaline water, there are a few preparations that you will need to perform and need to find out. Since you will be dealing with water that comes straight out of your tap, you will need to make certain adjustments to find out the PH of the water.

Start by:

  • Determining the PH level of the water you will be using – This should be done before and after you alkalize your water. By doing this, you will be able to tell how much of an adjustment you will need to make to your water.  Water is naturally at a PH level of 7, but sometimes the impurities present, can tip the scale more to the left, which makes it more acidic. The ideal PH level of pure drinking water should be around 8 or 9, which can be achieved through alkalizing the water.
  • Get a PH kit – these can be purchased in any health store, make sure that when you purchase one, there are PH strips and a color chart included in the package, because this will help you find out the level of PH present in your water. Once you have purchased one already, before you alkalize the water, dip one strip into the water you will be using and take note of the color and compare it to the chart. After you have alkalized the water dip a strip again and compare it again to the chart, if you are successful, your water should have an 8 or 9 PH level.

Steps to make alkaline water:

Now lets go to the process of making alkaline water:

Step 1

Start by filling a glass with at least 8 oz. of water. Make sure that you do not use water that comes straight from your tap, as these could include chemicals that have already been added during the purification. Use either distilled or filtered water or you can also use reverse osmosis purified water.

Step 2

While this may seem like a petty amount, add 0.4 grams of sea calcium to your water. Since PH levels can be very sensitive, adding this kind of mixture to your water will make a huge difference to your water.

Step 3

With a spoon or a stirrer, put in half a capsule of magnesium complex into your water. This combats any deficiencies in calcium or magnesium when it comes to making alkaline water.

Step 4

If you are planning to drink multiple glasses of water in a day, it would be better for you to purchase a water distiller or an ionizer, because this will speed up the process of making alkaline water.

Step 5

You have the option to add some PH drops to your water, which can increase the alkalinity of the liquid.

Step 6

If you want a quick fix, aside from purchasing PH drops, you can add lemon or lime juice to your water, because even if lemons and limes are acidic fruits, they still have the same alkaline effect on the body, but

But take note that it cannot be used permanently.


Making alkaline yourself is not hard at all, but you must follow the steps exactly to ensure that you get the right results. If you do not want to spend anything extra, doing this at home will save you a lot of money on buying alkaline machines, which can sometimes be very expensive depending on the quality. As long as you have a PH level of 8 or 9, you are good to go.

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