Countertop Vs Under Counter Alkaline Water Machines – What is the difference?

Water is crucial for our survival. That is why when it comes to drinking water we must ensure that we are ingesting water that is clean and pure. Often times, tap or bottled water is acidic and is not advantageous to our bodies. Alkaline water is beneficial due to its decreased acidic levels. Concentrated with elements such as calcium, potassium, silica, magnesium and bicarbonate, alkaline water is the most essential water for the body.

With water being as crucial as it is, many homeowners have opted for alkaline water machines in an effort to reap its complete benefits. Countertop or under counter machines are often purchased. However, when choosing the right water machine, the question that surfaces is, Which ionizer offers better benefits, countertop or under counter top ones? This question is subsequently answered.

Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizers

The benefits of an alkaline machine that sit on a counter, is its easy-to-install nature. This eliminates the needs for a plumber. These machines sit on the counter and can be easily connected to your faucet and take only a few minutes to complete. Other countertop ones can be connected under the sink as well depending on the model. However, they must still be placed on the counter.

The two-way valve that accompanies this machine provides you with the ability to turn on or off the machine when the need arises. Thus when prepping for dinner or washing the dishes, the machine can be easily turned off and regular tap water can be used. Also, due to its portability, the ionizer can be easily uninstalled and re-attached to another faucet.

The disadvantage to this countertop ones is the visible appearance of the ionizers and also the insistent connection of the tube to your faucet. For some, this can be unpleasing to the eye and can be the reason why they opt for a machine that is concealed and mounted underneath the countertop.

Under Counter Alkaline Water Machines

Under counter machines are very much different from Countertop machines. Reason being, they demand the services of a qualified plumber, which is a clear disadvantage. For individuals that enjoy completing tasks on their own, installing under counter alkaline ionizers is a complex process. In order to access the water source, a hole must be drilled into the pipes and the counter top to ensure that its spout is accessible. Also an electric source must be available underneath the sink to effectively power the machine. Without this, the ionizer is null.

These ionizers are much larger in size, hence the need for them to be situated underneath the sink. However, this eliminates clutter on the counter-top and offers a more pleasing look. It is important to note that the size and the permanency of the installation make it almost impossible to move around. If you wish for it to be removed, a plumber must be called in to perform its removal.

When choosing a machine, it weighs down on a matter of preference, as neither machine comprises on performance or purity of the water. Instead, if you are looking for an easy to install solution, a countertop alkaline machine is your best bet. If you are searching for a clean look and are willing to sacrifice an easy installation, the under counter alkaline water machine is ideal.

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