Benefits of Alkaline Water

Did you know that drinking alkaline water has a lot of health benefits that can significantly improve your overall health? If you don’t already know, the benefits of drinking alkaline water is not only limited to keeping you in tip top shape, but it can actually contribute to some really serious health cures.  Drinking this water at least 8 times a day helps to flush out all the bad toxins in the body much like a filtration system.

Many people who have started drinking alkaline water say that it can help regulate your PH levels, help prevent aging, and can also help prevent cancer, but how can you really tell or feel that it is giving you the same results? Like everything else in this world, there will always be a negative side, but you will be glad to know that there is more good than bad with this drinking water.

Unless you try it for yourself, you won’t really know what kind of effect this type of water can have on your body, which is why you will need to know the benefits of this before you start making your decisions on whether or not to buy it, luckily we will be providing you with all the need to know information about alkaline water and what it can do to your body in this article, Let’s explore.

What is Alkaline Water?

Before we begin with the benefits of alkaline water, we must first dissect and understand what this water is, and what effects it has on the body.

The word “alkaline” in alkaline water refers to the level of PH. When you see the word PH on a bottle of water, this will usually gage the level of acidity or the substance of alkaline which is on a scale ranging from 0 – 14.

So for example, you buy a water bottle and it says on the label that its PH level is 1, then that would mean that the water you are about to drink is very acidic, whereas if you would see something that is rated with a PH level of 13, it would mean that the water is very alkaline.

As you can see, the higher the PH levels in the water, the higher the alkaline substance. Always remember, that alkaline water has a higher PH level than normal drinking water, and because of this, some believe that it can actually neutralize the acid in your body, like reducing acid reflux or other acid related stomach problems. Normal drinking water in general will usually have a neutral PH level of 7, and alkaline will have a PH of 8 or 9.

Where can you get Alkaline Water?  Is it Safe?

Now, you might be asking, where exactly can you find alkaline water? And is it safe for you to drink? Yes, and Of course! To answer the first question, alkaline water can be bought in health food stores or in normal grocery stores. You can also purchase an alkaline machine, which you can install in your home on a counter or directly connected to your faucet.

To answer the second question, there are a lot of issues that have been going around on whether or not alkaline can be safe to drink. Yes, it is safe, but it would be recommended that you see your physician first if you have any health related issues, just to make sure if alkaline is safe for you, especially if you are taking medications. Not all people respond the same way when they drink alkaline water. Better to be safe than sorry.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Now, we go to the benefits, the most awaited part of this article. Here they are:

  • Alkaline Water can be used as an antioxidant – alkaline water has antioxidants, which means that it can help prevent health problems.  Our bodies can be infected with free radicals; these radicals are groups of atoms that can damage our immune system. When the immune system is severely down, it can lead to infections, and different diseases that range from minor to serious degenerative diseases. In plain words, alkaline water will help prevent all of this from happening, and can keep the body free of infection and can keep you healthy.
  • You will have better hydration – Alkaline water has smaller molecular content, which makes it easier for the body to absorb. It also has different types of ionized minerals that can help your blood circulation more effectively, and help your body function better.
  • It can help you loose weight – if you have a problem with your weight, taking alkaline water can help you on your journey of weight loss. Sometimes we eat too much junk food, and that can lead to acid build up in the body. As a result, the body starts to create more fat cells to counteract the acid, thus resulting in weigh gain.


Alkaline water has numerous benefits. Considering all the health benefits that this water can provide the body, it’s a wonder why people haven’t started drinking it yet. If you are at risk of developing serious health conditions, why not try it for yourself? You will be surprised at how quickly you can see changes in your body.

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