Alkaline Water Ionizer – Antioxidant Water Purifier Machine Review

Now a day, there are so many ways that you can ensure that you have great health. Some may try to increase health benefits through healthy eating, and daily exercise, but what you didn’t know, that there is actually an alternative to this that you can do completely without the need for exercise or a strict diet.

If you are looking for something that can give you the health benefits of both a healthy diet and exercise, then you should definitely try the Alkaline Water Ionizer – Antioxidant Water Purifier Machine. If you didn’t already know, alkaline water can be the best natural antioxidant that you can ingest, because this has numerous health benefits.

Tap water can be very harmful to the body, and there are some contaminants that can be found in tap water that will really make you sick. When you attach an alkaline machine to it like this machine, it will give you better tasting and good quality water because it has taken away all the impurities of harmful tap water.

This machine has state of the art technology that can help just about anyone shed some extra pounds or improve their health conditions in a small span of time. In this article, we will be discussing some of the benefits and features that this machine can offer you in terms of health.


Let’s take a look at the features of this amazing machine shall we?

  • It has a two-step dual filtration system, which will turn your tap water into cleaner, purer, and healthy water. It also has an auto filtration indication system, which will tell you when the filter needs to be replaced.
  • The machine comes with 9 high quality platinum coated cell electrodes, which will ensure high quality water along with a 100% steel zabara hose that you can place beside your faucet for easier access.
  • It is very easy to use, because the machine has a large LCD display touch screen, which will explain all the functions that you will need to get the best water out of this machine.
  • If you cannot find the controls or the customization that you want, there is a voice prompt feature which you can use to help you get the get the function that you want.
  • It has an automatic cleaning system, which means that you do not have to worry or spend time cleaning the machine because it will do the cleaning for you.
  • It is also very versatile which means that it has very programmable PH levels and ORP levels which you can set on your own personal preference. The PH levels range from 3.0 to 11.50.
  • It is also fully convertible which means that the alkaline machine can be converted from either an under the counter machine or counter top. This will give you the option to place it anywhere you want at your own convenience.


  • Alkaline water can help you get increased levels of energy, better bone health, cholesterol reduction, improved performance in terms of workout s and reducing muscle acidity, and better stomach health.
  • It has dual filters, which means you get better and cleaner water.
  • It has 9 levels of water, alkaline water, acidic water and purified.
  • It has a very large LCD display which will make it easier for those who have a hard time to read small letters and words.
  • It is very compact, which means you can bring it almost everywhere and it will fit perfectly on any water source.
  • It can be converted to a counter top to an under the counter alkaline machine, this is so far one of the best advantages that this machine has.
  • It has a sliding filter access door, which will make it easier for you to change the filters when needed.
  • It has a voice automation, that can help you go through the needed customizations with ease, or if you are getting confused with the functions, you can always ask the machine to do it for you.
  • It can clean itself, which means that you do not have to worry about maintaining it.
  • It will make you feel healthier, and will generally make your life a lot better if you consistently drink the alkaline water.
  • You can use the acidic and alkaline water for different uses like, for example you want to disinfect or sterilize something, you can use the acidic water, this can get rid of all the germs and bacteria present in your house hold items, you can also use the alkaline water to prepare food, or give you really healthy water that you can use for medication or treatment.


  • The machine is over priced.

Who is it for?

This will be best for those people who want functionality and convenience all at the same time. Since the machine can be placed both on your counter and underneath your sink, this can make a good investment for you in the long run.


Basically, this machine will provide you all the needed benefits that you can get from water very easily. This is definitely worth the extra cash, because not only will you get both convenience and functionality, but you will also get high quality benefits out of it as well especially with health.

Even though the price might be too painful to look at, the performance goes a long way with this machine and you can be sure that the money you spend on this Alkaline Water Ionizer – Antioxidant Water Purifier Machine is worth every single penny.

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