Hi! My name is Chris M and I am totally obsessed with Alkaline Water.

I have learned so much about it over the years, that I figured I would start my own site about them.

The best thing about running an alkaline water blog is that I do not have to do much work. All of the research that I do to make sure you get the correct information for your alkaline water needs is fun for me to do.

So I promise to give you the best and up-to-date information I can possibly provide to help you with your next purchase to help you get your life back in alignment and get rid of that pesky acid!

In the picture is my son Benji. He is also part of the reason I started this website. So you will get to see random pictures of him along with the reviews and tips and tricks that I will be dropping in the blog.

I appreciate each and everyone of you. So pull up a chair and let’s figure out our health with the use of ph balanced Alkaline Water.