Expel heavy metals out of your body with alkaline water

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In today’s day and age, more people than ever before have high levels of heavy
metal in their body. Some of you are reading this right now more than likely
have heavy metals in the form of aluminum, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and lead
to the point that you are toxic and don’t even know it. Why do you think that

Some of the sources of heavy metal poisoning include the foods we eat such as
commercial baked goods. Baked goods like cakes, cookies, and crackers have
baking powder in them. Baking powder manufacturers use a drying agent called
aluminum. You know this is true because if you go to the market in the baking
aisle, you can find “aluminum free” baking powder.

is in a lot of the cookware that is out there as well as the majority of
antiperspirant deodorants. Aluminum is also found in some vaccines. This short
list shows the likelihood of being exposed and becoming toxic with the heavy
metal, aluminum. Aluminum toxicity affects the body neurologically and

is a heavy metal that can be found in many places like dental amalgam,
sometimes called silver fillings. Amalgam fillings release a toxic cocktail of
mercury vapors that affect your brain, heart, all the glands including adrenal,
pituitary and thyroid. Mercury is also found in fish.

species of shellfish, tuna, orange roughy, grouper, swordfish and king mackerel
is higher in mercury, but caution does need to be exercised when eating all
fish. Like aluminum, mercury can be found in some vaccines as a preservative
called thimerosal. The ongoing controversy continues with vaccines and the
possible cause of autism. Like aluminum, mercury adversely affects all parts of
the body.

metal toxicity can be from lead, arsenic, and cadmium and we get exposed to
them in a variety of ways: Lead-old water pipes, traffic fumes, and other
pollutants. Arsenic and Cadmium from shellfish, insecticides, wallpaper, and
other pollutants.

heavy metals can wreak havoc on your body and make you very unhealthy. They can
even be fatal. Symptoms are neurological and physiological. They do not
metabolize in the body and store throughout the tissues. You may feel:

Pain in your joints due to inflammation Depression Headaches Kids may have
unexplained behavior problems Constipation Fogginess in your head Physical
rocking back and forth. If you have these types of symptoms, I would suggest you get a hair
analysis to uncover if heavy metal toxicity was present and what kind. I believe in the most
natural and organic methods are by far the safest. Attempt to uncover where the
heavy metal source you were being exposed to and get rid of that source.

Lastlyconcentrate your diet with alkaline water. You need an alkaline body to detox
the heavy metals. If your body is in good ph balance that is, with a
concentration of alkaline foods, the body has a chance to fight these outside
intruders. Also, alkalizing the body with fresh, organic juice gives you a good
chance to flush the heavy metals from your system and detoxify. You cannot go
to the grocery store and by juice from the “juice” isle. Those juices
are pasteurized and high in sugar, both on the wrong side of the isle.


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