Does Alkaline Water Help You Lose Weight?

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So, you’ve been drinking a lot of water in an effort to get
healthier and maybe even lose some weight. However, it hasn’t been having the
impact on your health and weight loss as you hoped when you began your
water-drinking regimen. You might be starting to wonder if there is another
water option that can help you lose weight while also providing you with better
heath and increased day-to-day performance.

The answer is: there just might be one.

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water can be purchased in bottles or produced in
your home using an ionizer. While the ionizers can be quite expensive – and the
pre-made bottle version is priced a bit higher than typical bottled water – the
benefits you might get from drinking alkaline water can far exceed that of
regular water.

Here’s why:

The alkaline in your water is measured by the
water’s overall pH level. A pH level measures how acidic or alkaline something
is, and is represented on a scale of zero to fourteen. A substance with a level
one pH, for example, would be extremely acidic. While something that measures
in at a pH of thirteen would be considered very alkaline.

Typical drinking water measures in at a relatively neutral
pH level of around seven. True alkaline water is only a bit higher, and tends
to register on the pH scale at around eight or nine. Even though this may seem
like a very minor difference, proponents of alkaline water believe that it can
help neutralize the harmful acid within your body.

How Alkaline Water Can Help You

But how does this help you? Well, alkaline water proponents
say that drinking it can help to detoxify your body from the daily toxins we
accumulate simply by going about our day-to-day lives. After all, toxins are
everywhere – in our food, in our prescription drugs, floating around in the
environment, and are part of the unforgiving aging process. The older we get,
the more we need to detoxify our bodies.

It can also work as a powerful antioxidant, and
can neutralize the free radicals floating around inside of your body. Alkaline
water is said to turn these free radicals into pure oxygen, giving you more
energy and vitality.

An acidic body can also adversely affect you immune system,
causing you to get sick or feel drained. It is said to help
normalize your body’s pH, thus allowing your body to more effectively prevent
and fight potential disease.

What Are the Negatives About Alkaline Water?

The skeptics argue that alkaline water filter systems are a high-priced hoax.
They say that the idea of everybody needing to be more internally alkaline is
an over-simplification. After all, the human body is unique and no two people
are the same. So how could such a minor change in internal alkalinity have a
similar positive impact on everybody who drinks it?

There are so many different ways that your body maintains
its internal pH, that without discovering the underlying cause of a poor pH
balance you really can’t determine how it might help or hinder you.

But Can it Really Help You Lose Weight?

Maybe. Alkaline water is said to neutralize the harmful
acids in your body. This helps shut down the body’s production of fat cells and
fat storage from some of the bad foods you might eat. Many people have reported
significant weight loss from regularly drinking alkaline water. If you’re
looking to lose some weight, alkaline water may be worth a try.

We are all trying to live healthier lifestyles that will
promote long and active lives. While drinking alkaline water may not be the
be-all and end-all solution, it could very well be a good step in the right

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