5 Best Alkaline Countertop Water Filters – Which System Should You Buy? 2017 Reviews

The transparent and clear water you drink every day is not always as clean as you think. There might be some unclear particles or little dirt hard to see. Of course, you won’t want to consume every day water that is not pure. This is why you need a water filter that can make your life healthier. And among the water filter systems, the alkaline type is one of the healthier out there because our bodies need an alkaline internal environment.

Alkaline water purifiers offer more antioxidants than other type of water purifiers. Another major advantage of alkaline countertop water filters is that they keep all the important minerals. The other methods of purification leave the water dull and lacking nutritive value because they strip all minerals from the water.

Alkaline Water Filter Buying Guide

In the last couple of years, alkaline water filters are becoming trendy and making their way into papers due to the health benefits they provide. Some claim that they can help people lose weight and even can cure cancer.

Alkaline water can be produced by many sources, including faucet attachments, water filters and additives that can raise the water’s pH. However, the most common way to get alkaline water at home is through purchasing an alkaline water countertop system.

An alkaline water machine or water ionizer is a home appliance specifically designed to raise the pH level of your drinking water at home. In order to accomplish that the system is using electrolysis that separates the water stream into acidic and alkaline components.

There are some well-known benefits of alkaline water:

1. Alkaline water with pH of 8.8 is benefic in some digestive issues, being able to soothe acid reflux. The high pH levels of the alkaline water can actually kill the enzyme called pepsin, the main cause of acid reflux.

2. Neutralize acid in your bloodstream, leading to improved metabolism, increased oxygen levels, and higher energy.

3. Cleansing your colon, while reducing fatigue and body fat. Alkaline water can help your body get rid of all the waste from processed food by detoxing your body.

4. Rejuvenate your skin. By being a great moisturizer, alkaline water can hydrate your skin from the inside out.

5. Lubricates joints and muscles. Alkaline water can limit muscle fatigue and help increase your working out performance.

6. It has antioxidant properties.

In order to understand alkaline water you have to know what pH is. In order to measure how much alkaline or acid a liquid contains, you have to use the pH scale that runs from 0 to 14. On this scale a pH7 is considered as a neutral value, being neither alkaline nor acidic. Plain water is an example of neutral liquid.

Liquids that are over pH7 (such as baking soda) are considered to be neutral or non-acidic, while liquids that are under pH7 (such as orange juice or black coffee) are a considered to be acidic. Alkaline water has high pH, containing less acid than the plain water. For instance, tap water can vary on the pH scale in the range between 6.5 and 7.8. This level depends on the water mains and reservoirs and the piping the water has to travel.

In order to ensure your water is alkaline on the pH scale you can use an alkaline countertop filter system. These devices come with prices that vary in the range from a hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars. It may seem difficult to select the right alkaline ionizer, but knowing more about them can help you pick the one that suits your price range and needs.

Water filters use a variety of methods to purify the water, from ion exchange, reverse osmosis and distillation to physical filtration. Alkaline water filters are not just removing stuff from water, but they are also adding something extra in order to modify the pH level and make the water alkaline. It is known that alkaline substances raise the pH, while acids reduce it. Maybe you remember you’re your chemistry classes that, in fact, pH stands in short for “potential for hydrogen.” The safest pH values are those between 7 and 10. In the long term, extremes below and above that level can be harmful.

As long as the pH is not too high, alkaline water is safe. Alkaline water filters use two main techniques in order to increase the pH of tap water. Remineralization is the most affordable among those two. By using reminalization filters, the purified water’s pH level is raised. The filters do not require any electricity in order to operate, as they contain minerals that dissolve in the water.

The other technique is using more expensive and more filters that are called alkaline ionizers or water ionizers. This technology is based on an electrolysis process. An electric current passes through the water in order to split the oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Water that is rich in hydrogen ions has low pH and it is acidic, while the remaining water has high pH and it is alkaline.

There are again two different techniques used in alkaline water filters when it comes to the purification method to remove contaminants. Multiple filter elements are used in the cheaper devices in order to remove heavy metals, dissolved chemicals, dirt, and microorganisms. On the other side, the high end devices are powered by electricity and use the reverse osmosis (RO) filtration technology. The impurities and bacteria is removed from water by passing it through a fine membrane.

At the moment, there are also on the market two major designs of alkaline water filters:

• Countertop Filters: as the name suggests, the countertop filters are designed to sit on your kitchen counters. They are easier to install comparatively with undercounter filters, but their downside is that they can take up more space. From the two main design options, countertop filters are also probably the cheaper one.

• Undercounter Filters: this design option offers discreet devices that can be hidden out of sight. Undercounter filters have more complicated installation procedures, but they provide the advantage that they use less space. This design option is generally more expensive.

When buying alkaline filters you need to take into consideration several aspects. Among the factors to consider are the following:

• Price: This is one of the main criteria to consider when shopping for an alkaline water filter system. People shopping on a budget might tend to prefer a cheaper price. However, this is not recommended because usually a better performance is indicated by a higher price. In general, in the market of alkaline water filters, there are models at every price point. You can find good quality filters in the price range from $100 to several thousand dollars. Typically, the more expensive models offer more control over the output water’s pH levels and are using advanced digital technology.

• Number of filters: When it comes to the number of filters, in general a greater number provide better chances of high pH and purity. However, there are some low-end devices that come with a lot of filters but they do not use water ionization.

• Filter capacity: This parameter indicates how long the filters can work before they will need to be changed. A smaller capacity generally translates in more maintenance costs.

• Number of plates: This is a feature present only on those water ionizers that are based on the electrolysis method. These systems use metal plates made usually of titanium in order to pass an electric current through the water that needs to be purified. The electrolysis process is more efficient if the number of plates is higher.

• Digital controls: Only the high end and most expensive models of water filters come with this feature. They are able to display the current pH levels and the actual status of the purified water. Some models also offer the possibility to set the required pH level.

• Design: As mentioned already, there are two major options: countertop, and undercounter water filters. Each of these design options comes with its pros and cons. You can choose the most suitable design based on your space constraints and your budget.

Here are Top 5 Alkaline Countertop Water Filters

AQUASPREE Exclusive 7 Stage Alkaline Water Filter


This 7 stage alkaline water filter designed by Aquaspree has a capacity of 5 gallons. This product takes your alkaline water to the next level. Going beyond the usual 5-stage alkaline water system, the 7 Stage Water Purifier is using two extra filters. This allows the system to produce water that meets the highest standards of quality, such as the World Health Organization and NSF standards.

The purifying system is gravity fed. The water pours from the top into the storage jug where it is ionized after the harmful chemicals are removed. One advantage of this water filter is that no installation is required. No plumbing or electricity are required, so you can take this unit camping and on outdoor trips. It is also very easy to change the single filter of the unit. Overall, this simple system surpasses expectations in water smell, appearance and taste.


• Eye-catching design

• Blends well in most areas

• Eco-friendly 7-stage filter

• Built in tank

• Fast-flowing system


• Unstable filter

Santevia Gravity Water System


The Santevia Gravity Water System is designed to recreate vitalized, mineralized, alkalized water just the way nature does. In nature, water is purified through the evaporation and condensation process, resulting in rainfall. Then, through the Earth’s crust, water is gravity-filtered and enriched with alkalinizing minerals.

Santevia’s water filter purifies, alkalizes and re-mineralizes the water in order to re-create the natural process. The water system’s ceramic pre-filter removes bacteria and mineral sediments. The granular activated coconut carbon filters heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and chlorine.


• The system is cost effective

• Great tasting and crystal clear water

• Alkalizes and fiters

• Eco friendly

• It has a pleasing design

• No electricity needed


• Some customers complain that the system leaks.

• Difficult to change filters

LeDoux Waters Water Filter


This is one of them most popular alkaline water filter models on the market, due to its affordable price. As the water passes through multiple filters, the system purifies it through 8 steps. Its filters are made of magnets, minerals, and ceramic. The water comes out tasting great and crystal clear. The system is suitable for both offices and homes.


• The water tastes great and becomes crystal clear.

• Filters and alkalizes

• Filter lasts for a lifetime

• No electricity needed

• Good customer service


• It leaks

• Filters are hard to change.

VitaWater Filter System


This is a 8 stage water filter with a capacity of 4 gallons. It is able to purify the water of toxins, chemicals, bacteria, pesticides, rusts, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals. The purified water is restructured by adding essential minerals. Then the water is ionized, energized, alkalized, and magnetized.


• Implements tech made originally for NASA Space Station

• Nano-Pore Ceramic-Filter

• 8 stage water filter

• Magnet ring spout

• Long lasting filters, hand cleaned


• Depending on use, filters may last only 6 months.

Zen Water Systems Countertop


This water filter comes with 4 gallons capacity. The system is made of BPA free plastic. The Zen Water comes with a multi-stage filtration system including mineralizing and alkalinizing. It can remove all the chemicals, contaminants, and impurities from your drinking water.

The ceramic filter can also eliminate chloride and make the water taste better by increasing its alkaline PH. The system also includes far-infrared ceramic balls that can improve memory function, increase enzyme in the digestive tract, boost strength and metabolism, and regulate blood pressure.


• Filter impurities and chemicals

• Holds more water due to its large size

• Increase alkaline level for better health


• Cannot remove fluoride

• Cheap build

• Alkaline filter system does not work sometimes.


Alkaline water filters are trendy these days. The demand for alkaline water filters of high quality is on the rise while concerns regarding the safety and purity of public water supplies are increasing. The alkaline water filter industry has become very advanced and mature. There are various quality water filters available at every price point. In our shortlist we covered some of the best alkaline water filters available right now. We hope you found our reviews useful.