5 Best Alkaline Countertop Water Filters – Which System Should You Buy? 2017 Reviews

Having clean and fresh water for drinking every day for you can contribute a lot to your health. The tap water is not always healthy and clear as many assume. While it manages to meet the minimum standards or levels of cleanliness, the majority of people still have a very little idea of what harm it can bring to their family. If you are looking for a safer option that will make sure that your family gets a clean and pure drinking water, the system of countertop filtration is the perfect choice for you. It is also affordable and a very cost effective solution to the drinking water problem. With a number of options available to choose from, you should really look for one with maximum features and benefits. In order to assist you with an ideal countertop water filter, here is the comparison of the three different units, the features, and the pros & cons in order to help you in deciding the right brand for you.

5 Top Countertop Alkaline Water Filter Reviews

We have chosen five top selling and best countertop alkaline water filter to pick the best countertop alkaline water filter from and give a proper review. The following five water filtration systems have many features and benefits that make them a very practical and smart option. The following five countertop alkaline water filters are similar in many ways, all of them are easy and convenient to use, and all of them give full worth of the money spent, with many alluring features and benefits. Here are the five countertops alkaline water filtration system with their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

1. Brondell H20+ Cypress Countertop Water Filtration System

This is a sophisticated and sleek looking water filtration system. The Brondell Countertop Water Filtration System has three filtration stages. This countertop water filter has elegant and slim looks. The System has an appealing look with its chrome, black, and white that would add some extra beauty to the room. It uses one composite-filter for the initial stage, where it removes the big chunks. In the next stage, it grabs all the things present down there to the two micron-level, while the later stage, one carbon-block filter clears everything and makes the water tasty and the system completely healthy.


• The Cypress H20+ comes with a very cool design. This water filtration can easily fit into compact spaces. It takes less area.

• It with the three-stage filtration, which is a very good and healthy baseline for clean drinking water.

• The Filter comes with faucet adapters that fit almost every faucet.


• Some users complained that its replacements are pretty expensive.

2. Zen Water-Systems Four Gallon Countertop Water Filtration System

This is arguably the best countertop water filter system available for a reasonable price of eighty dollars. This is a practical buy that you will find in the market today. The reviews from most of its users are positive. The users found this countertop water filter to be very good and they are very happy with the prompt and excellent customer service of this product. Now you can transform the tap water or running water to delicious, purified, and healthy drinking water. The original and the actual Zen water has the capability to rejuvenate six gallons from the filters of the countertop system, mildly alkalizes, magnetizes, and mineralization. It uses just the gravity and helps in tap or portable water. The Zen uses just the materials of the natural water filtration, without any kind of chemical use or other such synthetic substances. This filter gives effective and crisp water free from odor, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants. It also helps in optimizing the pH levels to the mildly alkaline & dispenses the essential minerals.


• This countertop water filter comes with an impressive five-step system of filtration, which effectively removes the chlorine, bacteria, pesticides, and sediment from the tap water.

• This countertop water filtration system comes with a very stylish and compact design with an excellent spout for the water dispensing.

• The Zen Water-Systems Filter makes pure alkalized and very clean water and it uses healthy and useful mineral stones with magnesium, zinc, and calcium.

• It requires no electricity to operate.

• The water filters are not very expensive and can be easily replaced. They are durable and last for a longer time.

• The company has an excellent customer service.

• The filter requires a very minimal maintenance.


• Some users complained that the Zen Water Systems takes a considerable amount of time for setting up. For this reason, the instructions have to be read properly and followed.

• It does not produce the water quickly and takes some time to produce the water.

• You will have to order the filters and replacement parts directly from its company. You can contact them on the web page of Zen water filter.

3. Santevia Countertop Water Filtration Systems

The Santevia Countertop Water Filtration Systems is available at a reasonable price of one hundred and eighty dollars. The features and benefits of this countertop water filtration justify the price completely and prove it to be a very good investment in long-term. Moreover, if one purchase bottled water for regular and daily use, then the total money spent will be equal or maybe more than the cost of Santevia Countertop Water Filter. This countertop water filtration system is actually gravity-powered, which cleans the tap water with the help of the system of multi-filter and it also re-mineralizes your water in order to make the water more alkaline and that has a number of health benefits. Maximum users gave a positive review of the Santevia Filter. Since the filter is relatively expensive; it makes people complain about something easy, no matter how small the issue is.

The system goes through eight stage system in order to filter the tap water.

• The ceramic pre-filter effectively removes the bacteria and minerals sediment.

• This countertop water filter comes with coconut carbon, which is granular activated and it filters chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and chlorine. This stage helps in improving the ORP as well.

• The Volcanic Mineral-Zeolite stage neutralizes the heavy metals and inhibits bacteria through the process of one ion exchange.

• The mineral-stone infusion promotes alkalinizes and oxygenation.

• The balls of pH minerals add magnesium and calcium to increase the pH further.

• The energy balls also help in balancing the pH & energize your water.

• The mineral-stone immersion helps in releasing the ionized minerals.

• The magnetic energy helps in breaking the molecules of water into many smaller clusters, which helps in better absorption.


• It gives incredibly clean, crystal clear, tasty, and odor free water.

• The filter has more filters and that ensures cleaner water. It also restores the good minerals in your water.

• It requires no electricity to operate.

• The company ensures excellent customer support system with a replacement guarantee. The customer service is of top quality.


• A very common complaint from few users was that the unit leaks. The leak is usually found around the unit's faucet. This is actually the sign of improper installation.

• Some users also complained that the filters are hard to change and it takes some time.

4. Berkey Water-Filtration System, Stainless Steel with Two Black-Filter Elements

The Berkey Water-Filtration System is a relatively expensive water filter, which may get you to spend a little more as compared to the other two filters. The Berkey Water-Filtration System usually costs between two hundred and twenty-eight dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars. The materials used in the Berkey Water-Filtration System makes it an expensive filter. The filter is made of mainly stainless steel that is sometimes preferred over the plastic body filters. Although the System costs more than the other two filters, most users think it is worth the money. The Berkey System has been getting good reviews. The Berkey Water Filter also has a travel size, suitable for smaller groups or a family that consist of a maximum of four people. It is usually taken on camping, trips, or even on vacations. It also has two larger sizes; one that holds more than two gallons and the other can hold three gallons.


• The body of the Berkey Water-Filtration System is made of stainless steel and the spigot inside is the only part that is made of plastic. This proves to be a very good selling point as most users believe that stainless steel will last longer and is durable as well.

• The Berkey Water Filter can filter water comparatively faster. It can filter more than two and a half gallons of water in an hour.

• When the filter is not being used, you can easily put the upper-chamber inside the lower-section and then it stands twelve inches. Because of this feature makes this filter convenient and easy to carry or pack for trips and vacations.

• The Berkey Water-Filtration System was tested by the independent and reputed EPA laboratories & the results were very good. The score exceeded the standards of EPA.


• Some users found the storage capacity to be small, as compared to the other two units at one and a half gallons.

• Few users complained that there were leaks from the filter's spigot after some months. Actually, since the spigot is made of plastic, it cannot withstand excessive tightening of the nuts of a plastic wing.

5. The WaterChef Premium Countertop Water Filtration System, c7000 Premium with the Intelligent Monitor

The WaterChef Premium Countertop Water Filtration System is an ideal combination of proven technology and advanced features, which comes in one fairly attractive and alluring package. The filter uses one Big-Block countertop water filtration and that is certified & approved by NSF. This helps in getting rid of all nasty things but helps the beneficial and useful minerals through. It has a battery-operated intelligent monitor that checks the number of gallons that have gone through its filler. The countertop water filtration has LED lights that display the limit; the green means everything is good, the orange light means that you have reached the mark of nine-hundred gallon, and the red light indicates that you have surpassed the limit of one thousand gallons. The battery is easily replaceable and is relatively cheap.


• The System has a monitor that indicates the usage of the filter & notifies when you should change it.

• The filters are long lasting. Usually, a filter lasts about twelve months, which is very reasonable.

• It comes in the color black with stainless steel body, and white with a body made of stainless steel.


• Few users found the design to be a little boring.

• The WaterChef Premium Countertop Filter should be ideally positioned or placed at the sink's edge.

Which One Is The Best Countertop Alkaline Water Filter

There are undoubtedly many choices that you will find when you are looking for an ideal countertop water filtration system. However, the search can be narrowed down if you identify the requirement. An ideal countertop water filtration system should be durable, convenient to use, and should have a reasonable price. Looking at all the features and benefits, it is safe to conclude that the Berkey Water-Filtration System is the best countertop Alkaline Water Filter. Its stainless steel body for lifelong use and its ability to filter water in a very less time clearly makes it the best. However, your need or requirement may be something else. Therefore, it is best to examine and look for what matters to you the most and follow it. Purchasing something once, even if the product turns out to be pretty expensive, will prove to be ideal in the long-run if it's a perfect match for you & what you are looking for.